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The Ponzi Princess


Revealing the inside story behind the headline-making federal case, The Ponzi Princess is a true story with a timeless message about the power of greed and deception.




Recently married and living in Brooklyn, Mark feels there is something missing from his life.  He is intrigued when his neighbors introduce him to Laurie Schneider, the charismatic entrepreneur from Long Island helping them earn an incredible amount of money.


He and Laurie instantly hit if off and become friends.  The Long Island fairy godmother offers him a job at her event planning business and invites him to participate in her high-return investments.  As he begins to earn more, his family and friends want to get in on the action too. Within a year, most of the people in his life have put a substantial amount of their money in Laurie's hands. 


After he returns from a trip to San Francisco, Laurie shocks Mark with an announcement that changes their relationship forever.  Layer-by-layer, Mark begins to find out the whole devastating truth.  He eventually turns to the FBI for help as his American dream turns into a nightmare. 


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